Assortment of Mugs


Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the Northwest Burger Jam! 

Space is limited, so contact us early! And keep on reading for guidelines and FAQ's


Northwest Burger Jam will provide:

Exhibitor space (10x10 Space)
Area trash barrels
Area security personnel. Protection of exhibitor’s property shall be the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.


Exhibitors will need to provide their own:

Tent, table, tablecloth and chair as needed and banner
Wash station for food/beverage vendors 
Sanitary serving gloves, napkins, plates, serving utensils, sampling cups, sampling toothpicks, etc., if needed
Banner (Banner must be freestanding or affixed to table or tent if using) Keep outdoor weather in mind (wind, etc.)
Liability and property insurance naming venue (Cowiche Creek Brewing) and Fat Pastor Productions as additional insured
Necessary Yakima Temporary Food Establishment, Food Handling Cards and Sales Permits as applicable

Food Policy

No food may be sold as a meal in order to not compete with our Food Truck Vendors. Food may be sampled. Other food items that may be sold would include (at our discretion) cookies, candies, coffee, tea, etc. If you're not sure, just ask. Just keep in mind, that priority for selling meals belongs to our vendors. 



Exhibitors are responsible for any city/state permits, fees and sales tax associated with selling or distributing their products at the event.

Note: Northwest Burger Jam reserves the right to decline any application at our discretion.


What time does Northwest Burger Jam begin & end?

Northwest Burger Jam runs from 12PM-5PM on June 13th, 2020.


When is the earliest date & time that vendors can set up?

Setup begins at 9:00AM on Saturday, June 15th.


Can product be shipped to the venue prior to Saturday June 13th?

No. Any items delivered directly to the venue prior to the festival date will not be accepted.


How many people are expected to attend the festival?

While this is the second ever Northwest Burger Jam, we are expecting approximately 1,200 attendees. 


Will there be a refrigerated storage unit available?

At this time, we do not have refrigerated storage. We recommend vendors bring large coolers with dry ice.


How much product should I have on hand?

The space can hold approximately 1,500 people. Therefore, Exhibitors should plan to have adequate amounts of product on-hand to sell or demonstrate. If you run out of product or material, you must maintain your table and greet prospective customers until 5:00pm. Under no circumstances can you close your table down prior to 5:00pm, but feel free to stay around after the event and appease the crowds!


How much product should be brought for sampling?

Sampling is not required, but is very much recommended. Sample as much as you are comfortable with. Attendees love trying new food!


What type of signage should I bring?

Each Exhibitor must have a banner indicating the name of their company. Signs can be made of any material and type, however a professional appearance is required (i.e. no handwritten signs unless done by a professional calligrapher). No signs or banners may intrude into other spaces or substantially block the view of other Exhibitor tables. The sign can be affixed to the front of your table or it may be free standing behind your table, or affixed to your tent if you bring one. 


What are the dimensions of the selling/sampling area?


How many exhibitor staff badges are we given?

3 exhibitor staff badges will be given. Additional workers must purchase tickets. 


What permits are needed to participate in Northwest Burger Jam?

All Exhibitors are required to bring copies of any necessary business permits, licenses, operating licenses (food & beverage vendors), etc., on the day of the event.


Food Service Businesses need:


Yakima requires all food/beverage vendors to have a valid Yakima Temporary Food Facility Permit, unless you already have a catering license. Food handlers must also have a Food Handler’s License.
You must submit your Temporary Food Facility Permit or catering license 30 days prior to the event. 

Please note that businesses are responsible for knowing and complying with the most current laws, including any City Council amendments. Cowiche Creek Brewing and Fat Pastor Productions and its agents are not responsible for errors or omissions in their communication. The information is not legal advice.

Are there any food and beverage restrictions that we must adhere to?

Yes. The restrictions are outlined in the Exhibitor Guidelines.


Where do we need to load in?

Load-In will be clearly marked on the day of the event


When do I need to load out by?

Load out must be completed by 10:00pm on the day of the event.